Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS) is a global charity with a growing community from around the world who are making lifestyle changes to help manage their symptoms and live well with multiple sclerosis (MS).

They’ve developed invaluable free resources and guides over the years for those living with MS, all built around the OMS 7-Step Recovery Program developed by Professor George Jelinek. Their mission-driven work teaches that with commitment to the right lifestyle changes, there is the real probability that many people with MS can live long, healthy lives, relatively free of the usual problems associated with the illness. The promise of the Overcoming MS app means a more interactive, easier way for their global community to access these proven methods for living a healthy lifestyle with MS — from managing diet and exercise, to supplements, medicines, even meditation.

Overcoming MS has a rich background of supporting individuals with MS and their loved ones as a charitable organization.

With our teams working together, we can now provide a powerful app that puts these resources (and more) directly into a user’s hands. With the Overcoming MS app, users can quickly and easily build (then keep track of) a routine for care, eventually becoming confident enough to graduate from the app and apply their knowledge to their daily life. We also built a state-of-the-art admin backend to easily track metrics and organize existing and new content to help users live well and feel better.

The app provides in-depth guides to nutrition, medicine, and wellness measures designed to help those living with MS feel their best.

Most importantly of all, the app is free and set to expand upon an already thriving network of resources and community support built for those living with MS, and their loved ones. Through the app, users can get specific, easy-to-follow directions on their care and maintaining their wellness in a multitude of areas. They can also reach out to the OMS community for support. OMS provides an easy platform to track dietary intake against the ideal diet needed to combat the progression of MS, and daily use will have a marked impact on daily living and establishing healthy habits.