The stakes have never been higher for nurses caring for multiple patients in today’s busy hospitals.

Colin Plover (PhD, MPH, MSN, MSEd, RN-BC), a health systems researcher, social entrepreneur and innovator— recognized the need for something better in healthtech to help organize nurse-patient care allocation. Colin’s years of study, research and experience in the medical field laid the groundwork for Nightingale, which seeks to create an electronic pathway towards more positive medical outcomes.

Nightingale displays up-to-date patient data and nursing assignments with just a few swipes of a tablet.

The app itself is HIPAA compliant and powered by an algorithm working in tandem with the EHR (electronic health registry). It is designed to help make smart patient assignments based on past medical outcomes and experience, even gauging room location assignments to limit steps for each nurse on duty.
Users get instant access to unit coverage, nurse information, and patient data. This will lead to increased patient satisfaction and safety, potentially even saving lives. For administrators, they’ll save time and money by allowing for optimization of staffing and coverage, reducing the stress of nurses by allowing more precise allocation and tracking of assignments and care.

The software’s algorithm offers data and insights into care so healthcare organizations can match nurses with patients to deploy staff optimally.

Nightingale has a state-of-the-art admin backend built as a website application to manage day-to-day business. Using this admin backend will allow them to set up hospitals and units, create and manage users, track data and analytics, and provide user support when necessary. Nightingale provides nurses with the tools they need to coordinate care for more efficiently and achieve better outcomes for their patients. Nightingale’s technology provides advanced visualizations of care environments and unique analytics driving progress in healthcare delivery.