For municipalities like the City of Springboro, collecting local taxes is essential to serving the needs of the community.

Springboro, Ohio community leaders approached Chop Dawg seeking a new, streamlined web application to manage tax filing and collect payments. Users can easily import data, with the ability to save and re-load previous session data upon return. Lime also provides helpful hints and customer support throughout the filing process. Backend support provides automatic calculations during the app experience for increased user friendliness.

The full vision includes a white-labeled version that can easily be tailored and licensed to other cities.

Not only will this powerful web app provide the optimal local tax filing experience for even the most novice user, its built-in monetization strategy is designed to give back to the Springboro community via app licensing fees. This web application will have a positive impact on its local user base and the city alike.

Lime was built as a web application using React for the frontend, and for the server-side, we used PHP with Laravel, built on React.

A powerful admin was essential to support tax filing effectively.

The City of Springboro’s team have a state-of-the-art admin backend built as a website application to help manage day-to-day business. Team members are equipped with the ability to add new localities, track data and analytics, and manage users, providing support when necessary.