when it comes to your app

think partner,
not agency

 We believe our partners’ success is our success. How do we turn your idea into a scalable, marketable, and profitable digital product? It’s a journey that starts with our very first Zoom. For more than a decade, we have honed our methodology to what we know not only guarantees a successful app launch—but puts you on the path for long-term success.

Phase 1

Discovery & Documentation

We carefully scope out your digital product from start-to-finish by defining all of the design and development requirements. This part of our process is very collaborative, and it happens before any contract is signed. We want to ensure you feel 100% confident before moving forward with us, and that you’ll receive everything you’ve asked for — and the things you didn’t know to ask for. We’ll work with you to optimize your budget and timeline based on the features and functionality that are most important to bring your idea to life. Everything we lay out together here sets the stage for Phase Two.

Phase 2


We build the foundation of your app by creating black-and-white visual guides. These wireframes (also called low-fidelities) serve as blueprint concepts of every single screen, function and pop-up to be accounted for in your app’s future development.

Phase 3


Once wire-framing is complete, we bring your design blueprint to life with beautiful, pixel-perfect high-fidelity mockups showcasing each and every app screen. These show exactly what your app will look like to future users. This is where your vision truly starts to come to life.

Phase 4

Product Flows & Prototyping

With every screen of your application diligently designed and approved by you via our regular meetings, we’ll define the logic between those screens. This phase determines where each screen will appear once programmed, where data is sent, received, and how everything will function once the application is fully programmed. These are the product flows our development team will use to program your app from A-to-Z. We’ll also provide you with a non-functioning prototype, or NFP. This way, you can test out the flow of your app for yourself before we head into development, or use your prototype to gain traction.

Phase 5

Programming Your Application

Here’s where we Make It App’n.® Bringing your app’s design to life, one line of code at a time. We assign developers best-suited for the technologies selected during the Scoping and Documentation phase of your app. Our developers are agile—and we always keep you in the loop with regularly scheduled meetings throughout development, so we can review and assess what we’re building together. All of the code that runs your app, including backend partners and API sources, will be fully implemented and ready for testing.

Phase 6

Quality Assurance

While we implement incremental testing throughout programming, quality assurance is about perfecting your digital product for launch. We’ll run it through stress tests to confirm everything is working as intended and all documented bugs are resolved. We’ll make sure your product works on all supported devices and is primed for launch to handle real-world usage from the get-go.

Phase 7

Getting You Ready For Launch

We’ll do everything we can to help you position your product for a successful launch, and provide post-launch support with our 30-Day Bug Warranty and Maintenance Window. But our partnership doesn’t have to end there. Our team is ready and waiting to provide ongoing support for your app as it grows, too!

We care deeply about your success

It’s hard to find an outside agency that shares in your unique vision and drive — and has great chemistry with the talent to back it up. That’s where we come in. Let us know when you’re ready to bring your vision to life. We’re ready to be a part of your success team!

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Why our process works

Check out what it’s like to work us!

“I like ChopDawg.com’s process. The team is honest and their communication is good. I had worked with another company for app development before, and their process was rudimentary. Chop Dawg has a very good customer strategy, and they know how to manage their business well. My designer is very fast and talented, and I really enjoy working with her.”

Brigitte Mueller | Founder of Cirqil

“They’re never late for meetings and are very easy to work with — if I experience any technical issues and concerns, I can connect with them immediately. Moreover, everything is running precisely as intended thanks to their tentative schedule. We’ve had zero hiccups so far, which is quite impressive for a project of this size and scope .”

Danny Zusman | CEO of Virtual Care Group

“From every aspect of the launch to what the game would feel like, they came up with suggestions that would improve the app. I’ve worked with other companies like this before that just didn’t pay attention to the client. They paid attention to what I wanted and helped streamline and focus my idea.”

Anthony Gargano | Co-founder of Cuzzo Trivia, Radio Host at 97.5 The Fanatic

“Chop Dawg’s distinguishing factor is their level of professionalism and likeability. Every person on their team has been supportive and delightful to work with. When we’re in the weeds, we want to work with people we get along with, and the team has been kind, respectful, and concerned about the project’s progress — they genuinely care about our success.

Michael Fratangelo | Founder & Executive Director of DiverseCity

“I’ve worked with a lot of developers in the past, but the Chop Dawg team stands out. Their team tries to sync with us and come up with new ideas. It’s truly a collaboration between our team and theirs. I like that they work on Slack so it’s very easy for us to talk with their team.”

Ramon Van Meer | Founder of AlphaPaw

“Chop Dawg first caught my attention with their drive to grow, their youthful enthusiasm and their endless energy. They are an incredible representative of the new breed of millennial entrepreneur and are a shining example of the potential of this next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Galen Buckwalter | Co-founder of eHarmony

“They’ve encouraged us to be forward-thinking and have helped us push the limit. They were very encouraging and supportive throughout the process. Chop Dawg had to engage with other organizations and provide directions. They were and continue to be an extraordinary member of the team.”

Stephen Oatway | Innovative Vending Solutions

“What’s great about Chop Dawg is that there are no surprises. You get exactly what you plan for. It’s great to know we have a trustworthy and dependable firm to count on. The quality of their work has been so terrific that we want to continue working with them.”

Jim Camut | CTO of Barkly Pets

“As a first-time entrepreneur, I had no idea how to go about the business side. I had to make a decision to choose who would help me on this journey. Chop Dawg was able to give me advice based on their own business expertise. They were able to extend themselves past that point of just an app developer.”

Jason Burgess | Founder of Steps Insitu

“I chose ChopDawg.com because they provide an all-hands approach. They act more like a partner than an agency. I appreciate that they take the project as seriously as I do. They’re meticulous and detail-oriented. We spent nearly a year discussing the project before we even signed the contract.”

Shivani Shah | Co-founder of ForeveRx

“They’ve been very receptive and hands-on throughout the process. We use Slack to communicate and Confluence for project management tracking, and the tools that we’ve been using have been very effective. They’re very knowledgeable in the development field.”

Shadi Azoum | Program Manager for the United States Navy

“I interviewed about 25 companies that built apps, and from day one, ChopDawg.com was my number one choice. Their concepts and ideas are great. Nowadays, we have to think outside the box, and that’s what they think as well. They’re readily available to help in every aspect of the business.”

Jay Jackson | CEO of LA Gear

“Their ability to take my ideas and put them into this type of technology was phenomenal. I have a visual of what my app can be, which is priceless. While explaining it verbally carries some weight, it’s worth a thousand words to hold the platform in my hand and show it to prospective clients or investors.”

Nicole Longo | President of Medsplain™