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A Beginners’ Guide To App Development Fundamentals

If you are a non-technical entrepreneur with a great idea for an app, but you have no idea what application development entails, this post is for you!

We will explore the fundamentals of building a high-quality app, so you know exactly why many app development agencies do certain things.

You will also know what to expect before, during, and after bringing your idea to an agency.

Let’s take a look!

User Experience

User experience is defined in this way:

The overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.

To keep it simple, if people like using your app, it has a good user experience. If they don’t like using it, your app is not succeeding in this area.

Apps with a good user experience look good, are easy to use, and are engaging. Your whole mobile strategy hinges on whether you have created something that people actually like using.

Keep It Simple

Even if you don’t know the technical terms of what makes an app good or not, you certainly have used apps before. You definitely have apps that you like and apps that you decided weren’t for you.

It’s actually not as complicated as you might think.

Think about the apps you use every day. Why do you use them every day?

Think about the last app you abandoned. What turned you off about it?

Here are some of the most common things that contribute to poor user experience and cause people to abandon apps:

Via Dotcominfoway

Security Is Critical To Mobile App Development

Security may not be glamorous or fun to consider, but it is a critical part of building a functional app that users trust.

The truth is that apps are no longer something people use just for fun. We use them to buy necessities, book doctors’ appointments, travel, translate, budget, date, do our jobs, and more.

Due to this, many apps host all kinds of sensitive information. This can include our health histories, credit card numbers, and more. This is why building an app from the ground up with security in mind is key.

Ask any mobile app development company you are considering working with about their approach to security.

The Importance of Cultivating User Trust

Users have had over a decade of using apps, so they now have a pretty good sense of what seems legitimate, and what does not.

Even if your app is perfectly secure, users will leave it if they don’t feel like it is. Think about it, there are countless apps users can choose from. Competition is high.

If users do not feel like your app actually caters to them, why would they stick around?

Here are some things that may cause users to lose trust in your app:

Via Dotcominfoway

The Importance Of Developer Experience

When it comes to app development, user experience is usually one of the first concepts people consider. Of course, they want to make something that is simple and intuitive for users.

However, apps don’t need to just function well for users. In order to be a smart investment for a business, they need to function well for the developers.

This means that, from the inside, they need to be easy to update and maintain.

There is a big misconception that once you launch an app, it is complete and all of the work is done. This actually could not be farther from the truth.

The Work That Comes After Launch

There are a few core reasons that your app will need to be worked on after its launch. Most of them have nothing to do with anyone making any mistakes or anything being innately wrong with your app.

In some cases, you will need to fix bugs after launch. If a lot of users complain about a feature or don’t use it at all, use that feedback constructively.

There is a lot it will be impossible to know about your app until you see how users engage with it. Once you have that information, it will guide you when it comes to making changes.

Again, this does not mean that you have done something wrong, or your idea is bad. It means that you are making smart choices to better serve your users.

A Rapidly Evolving Industry

In many cases, apps have to make changes and updates because the devices they are on change. Sometimes even the app stores themselves change their rules and requirements.

This last one is actually a big reason why apps get booted from app stores.

When you release an app, it is not like a painting, which can just sit on a wall as it is until the end of time.

An app is a tool that needs to be dynamic, flexible, and able to meet the constantly changing demands of not only users, but app stores and device makers.

As such, you really don’t want to have a base for your app that is impossible to change.

You also need a strong foundation, so you can focus on tweaks and enhancements over time, rather than making sweeping expensive corrections to a flawed core.

Market Research

A lot of people are intimidated by tech jargon. The second they start hearing terms like API, CMS, or Native Apps, they feel immediately lost.

Let’s forget about all of that for a second. Launching an app has a lot in common with launching any other kind of business.

Whether you want to be an independent makeup artist, open a computer repair shop, or be the next smash hit gaming app, the basics of good business are universal.

To be successful in any arena, you more or less have to know the answers to these 5 questions.

  • 1. What do I want to do?
  • 2. Which people want this?
  • 3. Why do they want it?
  • 4. How do I market this to them?
  • 5. How do I monetize it effectively?

Regardless of what you want to do, understanding your audience is key.

Again, you can create any app you want, but if there is no market for it, or you have no idea how to reach your audience or monetize what you offer, it will not be successful.

Final Thoughts on App Development Fundamentals

Hopefully, you feel a little more confident about pursuing app development and making your dream app come to life!

Remember, good business practices and principles don’t fly out the window because you are offering something via mobile device instead of in person.

While there are a lot of highly technical particulars that may seem esoteric to you, that’s what an app development agency is for!

At Chop Dawg, we work with you to handle all of the complex technical steps, so you can do what you do best as an entrepreneur.

You can move forward without having to take months or years of lessons on coding and app development.

If you are looking to get started on creating your app, reach out to us today for a free consultation.

Since 2009, we have helped create 350+ next-generation apps for startups, Fortune 500s, growing businesses, and non-profits from around the globe. Think Partner, Not Agency.


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