Mister Softee wants to reach their next generation of customers through mobile.

Mister Softee is the largest franchiser of soft ice cream trucks in the United States. With over 600 trucks and over 350 franchises operating in fifteen different states (plus internationally), Mister Softee is more than just a brand. They’re a staple in modern day culture and a classic fixture to any child’s summer.

Mister Softee trucks use beacons integrated with the mobile app to allow users to track where trucks are in real-time.

Mister Softee wanted to create a mobile application that will allow anyone to see, in real-time, where a truck is, where it is going, and how close it is to them. Customers will potentially never miss their favorite ice cream truck again. They can track where a truck is and receive notifications when one is nearby. Trucks will be using geolocation technology with beacon integration and connect to users at home or on the go.
The mobile application also provides a localized menu for each region that Mister Softee serves. Customers have the chance to pick out which menu items they want in advance. The mix of these two incredible functionalities means that Mister Softee franchises can see an increase in revenue from more informed customers. Furthermore, franchises will enjoy a quicker turnaround at each location since customers will be better prepared to order.

We gave Mister Softee’s brand a complete online makeover, with a new responsive website and user-friendly mobile app.

The Mister Softee application also allows customers to register to receive targeted emails and push notifications. In the future Mister Softee can use this feature to push out targeted advertising on phones and in customers’ inboxes. To manage the trucks on the road, manage regional menus, and gauge how their application is performing. Mister Softee can also use the admin backend to create custom push notifications based on region, leveraging MailChimp to send targeted email notifications to their loyal fans. Finally, Mister Softee had Chop Dawg overhaul their company website to match the branding and modern technology expectations from today’s consumers (and match their new mobile app).