Hand-curated content for the critical thinker and curious mind.

DemCon’s founder Paul Zawierka reached out to ChopDawg in 2019 to express an interest in
having our company help build out his vision. After a year of dialog, careful planning, and
back-and-forth communication, a plan was hatched and then executed to help bring Paul’s app to life, with a proposed launch by the beginning of 2022.

More than just a news portal, DemCon is a digital information ecosystem.

At the core of the app are stacks of information that can be easily navigated both vertically and horizontally. At the top of every stack is a news feed. Scrolling down, users will find videos, facts, quotes, definitions, history points, polls, politicians, speeches, jobs, events and products. All content can be filtered by state, or by thematics such as Economy, Education, Crime, Parenting, Military, Physical Health, and Space.
Fueled by content from outside of the traditional mainstream media domain, all information is hand-curated by humans in real-time from over 3,600 sources. Content is then redistributed into easy-to-navigate sections of the app without the use of search optimization; there are no AI or algorithms controlling the news feeds. Users can control the political leaning of their main feed by choosing left-ish, right-ish or both sides.

UnderstandMe,® UnderstandUs® and Mute.

Users can “understand” media sources, politicians, and political parties, similar to the function of a “Follow”. This ensures that tagged/specific content will filter into their main feed. They can also “mute” media sources, and remove updates from that specific source. DemCon curates and users customize.