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Hello From the Technology Room!

We have had a wonderful start to the school year! Thank God for the wonderful school community we have here at St. Mary’s.

Lively students who have a hunger and curiosity for learning, it is a joy to work with them. In our class we are working on improving their eye-hand coordination with different programs on the computer.

Looking through young eyes, we work on more eye-hand coordination, and so we are working on finding the keys on the keyboard through typing letters with animals from the zoo! We are also working on more control of the mouse through mouse exercises that are fun, yet challenging.

1st and 2nd Grade Keyboarding:
Working with the online website:, we are learning more of where the keys are on the keyboard, in a quicker pace. Our young hands are small still, so we will be learning our finger positions in 3rd Grade.

3rd Through 8th Grade Keyboarding:
Starting in 3rd Grade, we are typing with the correct finger position in Type to Learn 3. Posture is important while at work, in that it strengthens their backs and increases a correct balance in the body. This promotes good balanced movement in their sitting, walking, running, and general all around being. 

1st Grade:
Showing our new ways of writing using a computer, we have been practicing our Spelling Words by typing them in a Microsoft Word document. We have been learning to use our first and last names with Capital Letters and to format the document so it is more readable. We are also using our creativity in the Windows Paint program, finding different ways of expressing our creative sides. We also use logic and creativity at times with the program Thinkin’ Things.

2nd Grade Through 4th Grade:
Excitement bursts into the classroom, we have been working on an Online Math program— Math is a fun accomplishment through challenging others in the game and gaining points and chosen pets through understanding skills and successful feats of math.

5th Grade Through 8th Grade:
As youth who are on their way to more mature accomplishments, we are working in Google Classroom. Google Classroom introduces students to a communication tool located in the Cloud. This is a common tool used in high school and college. We are becoming more paperless and more ecologically responsible through using our school Gmail accounts and sharing documents, sheets, and slides. No more worries about printing a document out, or losing a USB Drive...since sharing with partners and teachers are all done in the Cloud.

I look forward to seeing you around the school; thank you for sending your children here to St. Mary’s!

Computer Schedule:

Tuesdays:                                                              Fridays:

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th,                                          PreK 4, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd


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