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Welcome to Mrs. Mejia and Ms. Garcia's Awesome Prek4 Class!

Good Afternoon, Families!

We are so excited to have your child in our class!

This week has been busy but fun at the same time.

We have gotten to know each other a little bit more each day.

The first 3-4 weeks will be focused on getting to know each other, learning new centers/materials, and getting to know the school.

Back to School Night is on Thursday, September 8th at 7pm. 

Just a few reminders that will go through out the whole school year:

1. Every two weeks (unless the office sends important papers) we will be sending home a newsletter informing you what has been happening in the class, important dates or reminders, etc.

2. Please return the Thursday Folder the following day (Friday).

3. In a couple of weeks we will begin sending Homework. Homework Folders will be sent home on Tuesdays and has to be COMPLETED and TURNED IN by the following Tuesday.

4. Blankets: Your child doesn't have to bring a blanket for nap time but it is highly recommended. If they do bring one, the blanket goes home every Friday to be washed and brought back on Monday.

5. Each child needs to have an extra set of clothes in his/her cubby just in case of an emergency.


                        Thank you, 

                         Mrs. Mejia and Ms. Garcia!!