Having fun in P.E. class...

4th Grade girls making an impressive pyramid

5th Grade gave it a try

4th Grade


50 Yard Dash results from first quarter...

Kindergarten:  Josue Ramirez (1st) / Chibuike Amata (2nd) / Daniel Cruz (3rd)

Grade 1:      Brianna Moscoso (1st) / Darrell Che (2nd) / Lukas Berhe (3rd)

Grade 2:       Obinna Ndolo (1st) / Niara Che (2nd) / Benjamin Campos (3rd)

Grade 3:       McKathy Ebai (1st) / Mikes Connolly (2nd) / Elizabeth Branch (3rd)

Grade 4:       Raynard Yancey (1st) / Myles Dorsey (2nd) / Ebube Azih (3rd)

Grade 5:       Jackson Buchleitner (1st) / Alvin Thornton (2nd) / Deinel Tiku (3rd)

Grade 6:       Tracy Taferi (1st) / Yilaina Nichols (2nd) / Malea Burroughs (3rd)

Grade 7:       Afoma Obiora (1st) / Emmanuel Ebai (2nd) / Kosi Azih (3rd)

Grade 8:       Daniel Mejia (1st) / Bryan Yousa (2nd) / Vernon Tyler (3rd)


Top Ten Girls    Top Ten Boys

1) Afoma Obiora    Gr. 7 1) Daniel Mejia Gr. 8

2) Tracy Taferi   Gr. 6 2) Emmanuel Ebai Gr. 7

3) Catherine Mbagwu   Gr. 8 3) Bryan Yousa Gr. 8

4) Jessica Placido   Gr. 8 4) Vernon Tyler Gr. 8

5) Courtney Ukonu   Gr. 7*(tie) 5) Terry Thomas Gr. 8

6) Yilaina Nichols   Gr. 6*(tie) 6) Jabari Williams Gr. 8

7) Ngozi Emezienna   Gr. 7 7) Frances Akpan Gr. 8

8) Dianthe Gordon   Gr. 8 8) Jackson Buckleitner Gr. 5

9) Malea Burroughs   Gr. 6 9) James Tyson Gr. 8*(tie)

10) Faneshka Rivadeneira  Gr. 5 10) Kosi Azih Gr. 7*(tie)



P.E. Standards




            I hope everyone enjoyed the Summer, and are now ready for the new school year.  Students are expected to come to school prepared for Physical Education class with gym uniforms and properly secured tennis shoes.  Gym clothing should be labeled with your child’s name to help prevent loss.  It is your child’s responsibility to keep track of their clothing (a “Lost and Found” box is located in the Gym).  Preschoolers are included in the P.E. program and for their safety, please ensure they come to school on Mondays withappropriate clothing and tennis shoes.  Listed below is the Physical Education schedule:


                        Tuesday        -           Grades PK, K, 1, 2, 3

                    Wednesday      -           Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


            We need to help our students live physically active and healthy lives. Studies have shown that the number of overweight children in the United States have tripled over the last three decades.  Inactive children are likely to become inactive adults.  The American Heart Association recommends that children/adolescents participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.  Please help your children stay physically active and encourage healthy eating habits.  In Physical Education class we will cover basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, as well as other sports and game activities.  I’d like the students to participate in the “Jump Rope for Heart” fitness challenge to help raise funds for our school and The American Heart Association.     


             Posted in the Gym are Physical Education Rules and students are expected to follow these rules.  Students get little time for P.E. class and misbehavior wastes everyone’s class time.  If a student shows inappropriate behavior, they will be removed from P.E. class and a writing assignment and/or conduct slip will be sent home. Grading is determined by participation, skill, and most importantly… behavior and sportsmanship.  If your child is injured or cannot participate in P.E. class, please provide a doctor or parent note informing me of the injury/reason.


            I’m looking forward to a healthy and successful year with the students.  If you have any concerns or questions, you can reach me at school on the above days, or email at the school website.




                                                                                    Mrs. Tina Hill

                                                                                    Physical Education