Just a quick note

Good afternoon Parents, 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and I am sure you are looking forward to the weekend. I wanted to let you know of some important information for next week. 
Monday is picture day. Students should wear their Sunday best so thy are dressed nicely for picture day. 
Tuesday the class will have a social studies test on the three mesoamerican cultures we have studied these last few weeks. Students have been working on very hard these last few weeks and are working on a group project in class. Once there projects are completed and presented I will send the out so everyone can enjoy their success. 
Wednesday  is the first pizza lunch. Pizza lunch forms were due today. So please be sure to pack your child's lunch on Wednesday if you have not paid for pizza lunch. 
Thursday I will be out of the classroom this day to complete observations for the student assistance team. Ms. Grier will be covering for me. This is also the first day of band for those who have signed up for band. 
Friday the first payment for chicken nugget lunch is due. Mid-quarters will be sent home this day. Every child will receive a mid quarter and I ask that they are signed and returned on Monday. If you have any questions regarding their mid quarters I am always available for conferences upon requests. 
On October 7th, the school will be having a walk-a-thon. The money collected from this walk-a-thon will help to raise money for the science lab. This money for the walk-a-thon will really help not only your children but us teachers as well. To have the engaging lessons that we have been having this year costs a great deal of money not only to the school but to the teachers as well. These engaging science lessons help students build a deeper understanding of the foundations of science as well as build a love of science learning. The school has asked that each child get a donation of $70.00. This will help us hit out goal of $15,000, which will provide a great amount of resources for the science lab. I know that $70.00 is a lot of money for some families, but I ask that each family make some contribution to the walk-a-thon so we as a community can provide the best education for your children. I told the students that if each child in the class raised $70.00 I would throw them a pizza party on me! If you have any questions about the walk-a-thon or concerns about donating, please feel free to contact me. 
Thank you for your time and have an awesome weekend!!!
Ms. Keller



5th Grade Update

Good Evening Parents, 

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! I am emailing to give you an update on what is happening in the classroom this week. Today students began unit 4 spelling words. Starting next week students will be receiving a weekly spelling packet for homework that will be due on Friday's. After reviewing thier spelling tests, I think that using a similar spelling packet to what Ms. Madison used last year will help increase spelling grades. The class received their week 4 words with in words as well today. The students will have a spelling test on Friday and a words with in words quiz for weeks 3 and 4 on Friday. In math, students reviewed division and the students will have a math test on Thursday. The test will be on place value, rounding decimals, multiplying multi-digit numbers and division with single digit divisors. We will be starting our studying on decimals on Friday. Students will learn about double digit divisors when we get to dividing decimals. In language arts, we are continuing our study of nouns. We should finish our study of nouns in the next two weeks. When a test is planned I will send out another email. In religion the class is learning about the parts of the mass. The class took a quiz on introductory rites and liturgy of the word today. Those quizzes will be sent home on Thursday. The class will begin liturgy of the Eucharist tomorrow.  In science the class is continuing to learn about soil, rocks and land forms. We will be completing another investigation tomorrow about chemical weathering. In social studies the class is learning about mesoamerican cultures. We will begin a small in class project on the three mesoamerican cultures on Friday. This project will continue into next week. The class is continuing to read Holes and complete different activities with this book. I am pleased with their engagement in the book! Tomorrow will be the first 5th grade tutoring session after school. If you filled out a permission slip for your child they are welcome to stay from 3-4 for extra help in math and reading. I ask that you send me a remind message if your child is not staying for tutoring. I will send out another update in two weeks!
Thank you for all your help and continued support and have a wonderful evening!!
Ms. Keller



5th Grade Update

Good evening parents, 

It was so nice to see everyone last night at back to school night. Thank you all for your support and partnership if your children's education. Click HERE to see pictures from our science lesson today. I created 4 different types of soil that simulated soil from different environments. The students were asked to observe the different soils and analyze what was present in the soil and where we would find these types of soils. The class was very engaged and excited to participate. The class also took their Scantron reading test today. There are still some students who are finishing up their reading tests. The class will be taking their math scantron next Wednesday from 10-11:15. Once all the students have completed both Scantrons I will send these home with the students so you can review them. I will go over the data with each of you at the parent teacher conferences. I will send another email this weekend letting you know what we will be doing in the classroom next week. Thank you again for attending back to school night last night! If anyone was unable to make back to school night and would like to schedule a conference to discuss what was talked about during the presentation, feel free to contact me and we can schedule a conference. 
Have a wonderful evening!
Ms. Keller