Welcome to the 2nd Quarter!

Good Evening Parents, 

I hope you all had a relaxing 3 day weekend! The teachers spent Friday participating in a professional development learning great new ideas to use in the classroom. I wanted to remind you that report cards come home tomorrow! Tomorrow is also grandparents day! So please tell your child's grandparent that they are more then welcome to join us from 9:00am Mass till 12:00pm. The class has a surprise for them! Remember Report Card envelopes are to be returned on Monday signed. You may take the students report card out of the envelope. Below are some important dates for the next two weeks. 
Monday 11/7: Report Card Envelopes are due
Tuesday 11/8: Audition for "The Wiz" (Our School Musical) is from 3:15-4:00 for Grades 4-8
Wednesday 11/9: Taco Lunch (I will not be here this day Ms. Simmons will be subbing for me)
Thursday 11/10: Math Journal and Math Maintenance Due; $2.00 Tag Day
Friday 11/11: There is No School! This is parent teacher conferences. If you need to schedule a conference please email me and I will set you up with a time. I now have the afternoon available. 
Monday 11/14: Tenmarks is Due.
Wednesday 11/16: 3 Brothers Lunch
Thursday 11/17: Home and School Meeting 7:00 pm in the gym
Friday 11/18: Picture Make-Up Day 10:00am
I will send out some pictures from this week as well as some more information on quizzes, projects and a second quarter extra credit opportunity over the weekend. 
I want to thank you all for your support and collaboration with working with your children everyday. They continue to impress and surprise me everyday with their drive and dedication to their education and that is all thanks to you all. I can not wait to see where they are in a few more months!
Have a wonderful evening!
Ms. Keller



The end of the first quarter

Good Afternoon Parents, 

The class has been working extremely hard this quarter and I can not believe that the first quarter comes to an end next Thursday! I wanted to let you know of upcoming dates as well as what the class will be working on the end of the quarter these last two weeks. 
Just a few important things to know for this week.
Tomorrow: Is the Book Fair for 5th grade. If you would like them to purchase items from the book fair please send money with them tomorrow. They will be in the book fair from 915-10. This is also taco lunch.
Thursday: Book fair when parents or relatives can come. They will have a religion quiz this day. 
Friday:  I will be out of the building. Mr. Tate will be covering me this day. I expect the class will be their usual wonderful selves. The class has their reading test for Holes this day as well as their spelling test. I will review the test with the class on Thursday. The Holes Movie permission slip is due this day so is we can watch Holes. The class will have a dividing decimals quiz this day. 
Next week is multicultural week as well as the end of the quarter. Monday the class will work on prepping the class  for our England presentation on Thursday. Tuesday I will be throwing the class an English Tea party. I will be providing some food but I ask that you still pack your child lunch since we wont have that much food. On Thursday the class will be traveling to all the different "countries" as well as displaying our classroom decorations. 
The class will be coming home with a Decimal Packet tomorrow that will be due Wednesday October 26th. This will help them to prepare for their decimal test next Thursday. This will count as a project grade so its important that they complete it. The students Holes Project is due Monday October 24th. They are to complete two projects from the packet that was sent home over the weekend. We will begin to watch Holes Monday so we can make a literary comparison between the movie and the text. In science we are studying how to identify different minerals based on their characteristics. In language arts they are learning about and will write a personal narrative. They will also have a words with in words quiz on next Thursday for Weeks 8 &9.  In religion we are working on learning about each individual sacrament. This unit will move into the second quarter.  
I want to thank you all again for a great first quarter and I have seen a great deal of improvement in their study habits and overall participation in class. 
Have a great week!
Ms. Keller



5th Grade Update

Good evening parents, 

I hope everyone is having a great week! I wanted to let you know of some upcoming dates and activities that the 5th grade will be doing over the next two weeks. I want to remind everyone that the class has their Noun Test tomorrow. The class was provided a study sheet on Tuesday and we did a great deal of review today! I was impressed with how well the students have studied to review this material. Below are some important dates to remember as well as upcoming assignments. 
Thursday (10/6): The class will have a noun test. They will also be having their first lesson on how to use google docs for a project we will be working on next week. 
Friday (10/7): The class will have their Unit 6 Spelling Test. This is also the day for the walk-a-thon. Please see below for more details on the Walk-A-Thon.
Monday (10/10): No School!
Tuesday (10/11): The class will have their words within words quiz (week 5 &6). They will also have their Unit 2 religion test. We reviewed today and will continue to review tomorrow for this test as well.
Wednesday (10/12): 3 brothers variety lunch
Thursday (10/13): The class will have their science test on weathering. This is also a Tag Day ($2.00)
Friday (10/14): The class will have their first words within words test. This will be for weeks 1-7. Taco lunch forms are also due this day.
Just to look ahead to the following weeks. 
Book fair will be October 18th-October 20th
Multicultural Week has been moved to October 24th-October 27th
The class will be doing England for multicultural week this year. I will send out further information on this in the upcoming weeks. 
There is no school on October 28th and Trunk or Treat is on October 31st.
In regards to the Walk-A-Thon, tomorrow at midnight will be when all the donations will need to be turned in to be counted for the classroom contest. The 5th grade class has raised $1,200.00+ and we are currently in second place. The school as a whole has raised over $5,500.00 and we are less then half way to our goal. I know we have all been working hard to gain these donations but I ask that we continue to work on this fundraiser. This new science lab will allow the students many more opportunities to have hands on science lessons as well as help to provide the teachers with the resources to provide these hands on experiences! We will continue to accept donations on Friday, but these wont count for the class total. Remember for donations we accept cash, check or credit card payments on the school website! And remember to say its for the 5th grade!
Thank you for your continual support of the school and your support of our classroom. 
Ms. Keller