Black History Month Project

Good Morning Parents, 

I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful day we had yesterday. I wanted to send out more details about the Black History Month presentations and your child's general presentation time. Monday, February 13th students should make sure they have shared their paper and their power point with me on google docs. This will allow me to quickly edit the papers and power points so they can make corrections and begin to practice for the 23rd. The students will be practicing their presentations in class but I do ask that you work with your children at home as well. They will have about 5-8min to present their power point and artistic portion of the project. Attached is a tentative schedule of when your child will present their project. I ask that you arrive 10 min prior to your child's time as some presentation may run shorter then others. I will be providing lunch that day for students and parents. We will be having three brothers pizza. You are more then welcome to join us all day if you want to. The children should come dressed in their costume so that we can move from one child to another that day. The children will present their projects in the gym due to the size of the class this year. I have attached a schedule of that day. If there are any problems with the times please let me know. 
Tuesday 2/14 is valentines day. I will allow students to bring in valentines to share with their classmates. I ask that you please make sure that if your child brings a valentine there is one for each classmate. I will be given them something sweet and we will have a quick valentine exchange. I ask that you do not send in any candy with nuts as we have a student with a severe nut allergy. I also ask that no cookies or cupcakes are sent in. I have attached a class list as well for students to check off that they have a valentine for each student. 
Below are upcoming events for next week
Monday 2/13: Black History Month Projects due in Google Docs
Tuesday 2/14: Valentines Day
Wednesday 2/15: 3 brothers lunch/ 2nd taco lunch payment due
Thursday 2/16: Tag Day
Friday 2/17: 12:30 Dismissal
Monday 2/20: No School
Thursday 2/23: Black History Month Project Presentation Day
Friday 2/24: Black History Month School Assembly 1:30

Thank you for all the support this year!
Ms. Keller



Welcome to the Third Quarter!

Good Afternoon Parents, 

I hope everyone is having a good week. I wanted to email to tell you about upcoming events in the school over the next two weeks. I do want to say how proud I am of the class for how they handled the passing of Mrs. Planta on Tuesday. Not only were they respectful at the prayer service but they were caring and respectful to all the teachers and those deeply affected by this great loss. I wanted to let you know that the class has started many exciting things this new quarter. In math the class is finishing up learning about multiplying fractions. We will begin to learn dividing fractions next week. In social studies we started our unit on the American Revolution. The class learned about the causes of the revolution this week. We will be talking more about this topic next week. In Science the class started a STEM project this week on Roller Coasters. The class is split into 6 teams and are researching different roller coasters. They will then design a roller coaster as a group and build a roller coaster out of Kenex pieces. I think this will be a fun and engaging project. I want to remind everyone that the Black History Month projects are due 2/13 and the presentation day is 2/23. Below are upcoming dates. 
Sunday 1/29: Open House 10am-1pm
Monday 1/30: Student Appreciation Day (Students may come out of uniform at No Cost and they will have no homework)
Tuesday 1/31: School will be closed for Mrs. Planta's Funeral (Viewing 10am; Funeral 11am with a reception following)
Wednesday 2/1: Parent Appreciation Day. Come join our class from 10am - lunch! Free Pizza for Parents!
Wednesday 2/8: Chicken Nugget Lunch
Thursday 2/9: Spelling Bee 9:30am
I will be sending out information on test and quizzes for the next two weeks over the weekend! If you have any additional questions regarding Mrs. Planta's Funeral feel free to send me an email or a remind message!
Thank you for all your support!
Ms. Keller



Half Way There

Good Afternoon Parents, 

I hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving and that everyone was able to enjoy some rest and relaxation. I wanted to notify you of things happening in the classroom, upcoming events and things to keep in mind. 
This week the class is working on operations with fractions. Due to the size of the class the students are moving through the material at different paces. Thanks to Ms. Simmons and Ms. Lozapone we are able to have students working with different teachers on skills that are at their level. I am pleased to say we have groups working on operations up to multiplication at this point. In science we are learning about simple machines and how they impact our understanding of force. In social studies we are learning about the 13 colonies and how people came to live here in the united states. I am hoping that we will be able to begin our study of the French and Indian war before we leave for break. In religion we are ending our unit on the sacraments of healing. In reading we are continuing our novel study of Phantom Tollbooth. Finally, in language arts, the class finished their personal narratives last week and I will be grading them over the weekend. We now are focusing on a unit about verbs. 
Below are some upcoming dates to keep in mind:
Friday 12/2:  12:30 Dismissal
Monday 12/5: TenMarks are due, Science Packet is due both will count as a quiz grade
Tuesday 12/6: Science Quiz on simple machines; Kris Kringle Shopping 11:00-11:30
Wednesday 12/7: Chicken Nuggets Lunch, Unit 3 Religion Test
Thursday 12/8: 9:00 Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception; Christmas Band and Choir Concert; Possible math subtracting fractions quiz. We will also have a reading quiz on chapters 12-15
Friday 12/9: Bags for the Homeless Drive ends today; Mid Quarter Reports will be sent home
Wednesday 12/14: Christmas Pageant 7:00 pm at the Church. Students should arrive at 6:45. The students will be sitting with me in the middle of the church.
Thursday 12/15: Tag Day 
Friday 12/16: Pajama Day and 12:30 Dismissal. 
More information about the week of the 12th will come out early next week. I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support this first half of the year. As you all know I am finishing my masters and will turn in my final assignment on 12/8. I know I have been a bit delayed on grading and sending reminder emails, but I wanted to thank you all for your understanding. I would not have made it through this semester without your understanding and support. 
Thank you for your time! 
Ms. Keller