Dear Parents, 

This has been a crazy week with the snow day and the delay! I am very proud of the students' progress on thier roller coasters. I can not wait to show you thier finished progress. For next week here are some reminders:

Wednesday 3/22: Pizza Lunch and 2nd payment for Variety Lunch due

Friday 3/24: No School!!!!!!


I will send out additional information early next week!


Have a good weekend!

Ms. Keller


Social Studies Homework 3/16

Please down load this document and use the hyperlinks to compelte webquewst questions 1-5! I also sent home the web addresses if this will not work. 



5th grade update

Good Evening, 
I hope everyone is doing well. This has been a hard week for the 5th grade with all the children and adults becoming sick. I am hoping to return tomorrow to school but we will see how I feel as the night progresses. I wanted to let you know of things coming up next week and let you know what we were doing in the 5th grade. 
Friday 3/10: The class will have an adjective test. The class completed a review sheet today and will go over it again tomorrow. This is their study guide. They will also have a quiz on measuring angles. This has been a skill we have been practicing in class. This is also Coffee with the principal at 7:50 in the Religious Ed Room.
Monday 3/13:  Reading project is due. 
Wednesday 3/15: Taco Lunch and Book Fair
Thursday 3/16: Home and School Meeting at 7:00pm, Science Quiz
Friday 3/17: 12:30 Dismissal, Revolutionary War Test
In Math the class have started their unit on Geometry. We have been working on classifying and measuring angles. We will move into classifying shapes and measuring different shapes in the upcoming weeks. In religion we are learning about the different commandments. Please look for a letter going out on Friday about a special lesson that will be prepared and presented by Mrs. Tonetti next Wednesday (3/15). In science we are continuing our study of roller coasters. I expect the class to finish the coasters next week and we will be running the coasters and measuring their speed and acceleration. I can not wait to share pictures of this fun activity. In social studies we are finishing up our study of the revolutionary war. We will be having a test next week and moving into the formation of our government. Now that we have finished Number the Stars, the class will be looking at a mix of non-fiction texts as well as some poetry to finish out the quarter. And in language arts we will begin learning about persuasive writing and pronouns. 
Thank you all for the care and support and I hope that next week everyone is healthy and back to school!!!
Ms. Keller