Welcome to 4th Grade


Week of 12/5/16

Good afternoon,

We have been making great progress working with division this past week in math class, so much so that we will have a special challenge for the scholars this coming week. In science we have been working on using magnets to identify materials with iron or steel in them. In reading we are exploring poetry and historical fictions. In religion we are studying the significance of Advent. In social studies we were exploring the changes in Maryland following the revolutionary war. In grammar we wrapped up our study of adjectives and moved on to begin studying verbs.

This week we will continue to study division we will even be challenging our class to work with two digit divisiors. In science we will experiment with breaking the magnetic force. In reading we will be summarizing "The Hatmaker's Sign" and using the reading strategy make judgements and decisions. In religion we will be talking about how to prepare for Jesus and looking at the advent calendar. In social studies we will discuss the War of 1812 and it's aftermath. In grammar we will continue to study verbs, we will also have our adjective test on Wednesday 12/7/16.

Thank you,

Mr. Pace


Week of 11/14/2016

Good Afternoon Everyone,

This week we were able to finish our unit on the Revolutionary War, however we were not able to begin our next unit on Maryland after the war. In reading we read "Baseball Saved Us" by Ken Mochizuki. While reading we practiced making predictions and checking our predictions for accuracy. In math we began to multiply with double digit factors. It was a challenge for some of us but we were all able to persevere. In grammar we concluded our pronaoun unit and began to investigate adjectives. In religion we learned about honoring God in prayer and about the different kinds of prayer.

This coming week we will begin to learn about the aftermath of the revolutionary war in Maryland. In reading we will read about native languages and practice identifying cause and effect relationships while reading. This week in math we will learn about multiplying triple digit factors by double digit factors. We will finish our multiplication of whole numbers unit with a quiz before begining our division unit. In grammar we will continue to investigate adjectives and how to identify and use them correctly.


Mr. Pace


Math Journal:

 The Turner family uses 548 liters of water per day. The Hill family uses 3 times as much water per day. How much water does the Hill family use per week?

Math Quiz on Wednesday


Week of 11/7

Hello Everyone,

This week we were very busy, begining with our Halloween party and trunk or treat on Monday. I would like to thank all the parents who helped to facillitate that party it was a great experience and I know the class really enjoyed it. 

Academically we worked on multi-digit whole number multiplication in math. I am happy to say that as a class we are improving dramatically in our multiplication facts. In social studies we studied the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War. In science we introduced our next unit of study magnetism and electricity. In Reading we read Leah's Pony, focusing on the cause and effect reading strategy. In Grammar we finished our pronoun unit.

This coming week we will continue our multi-digit whole number multiplication unit. In science we will start our first magnetism investigation. In social studies we will wrap our Revolutionary War unit and test on Thursday. We will also test on pronouns on Monday. We will then move on to studying adjectives. In reading we will continue to work on reading strategies, making predictions and, cause and effect.

Report cards went home Friday 11/4/16 please make sure they are returned next week.

Math Journal:

The principal wants to buy 8 pencils for every student at her school.  If there are 859 students, how many pencils does the principal need to buy?



Michael Pace