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Good Afternoon,

Fourth grade has been busy! We just finished studying decimals and fractions in math class and are currently working on our fraction/decimal mosaic's. In social studies we wrapped up our discussion of The Civil War. In grammar we are working on diagramming sentences. In reading we have been studying folk tales and myths using the reading strategy of identifying facts and non-facts. In science we are studying cells and DNA. We just completed an experiment where students extracted DNA cells from their cheeks. In religion we have been looking in depth at the 7th and 10th Commandments.

Moving forward this week we will be working on geometry in math. In science we will look more at cells of plants and animals. In religion we will wrap up our discussion of the 7th and 10th Commandments, culminating with a quiz on Friday. In Social Studies we will be studying booming baltimore in the early 1900's. In reading we will continue to discuss myths and folktales and in Grammar we will study more diagramming techniques.

Our math journal this week can be found below:


A girls basketball team scored a total of 64 points in their last game. Heather scored 14 of the points. Sarah scored twice as many points as Heather. Paula scored half as many points as Heather and Sarah combined. How many points were scored by players other than Heather, Sarah, and Paula?



Mr. Pace