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Good afternoon,


It was a busy week in fourth grade. Unfortunately, the snow storm forced us to change plans a little bit. In math we began studying polygons and focused on triangles. In social studies we began studying the 1920's in Maryland and had a test on the early 1900's. In grammar we concluded diagramming but were not able to test because of the snow day. We also began working on writing and understanding personal narratives. In reading we were working on understanding and identifying steps in a process. In science we concluded our study of DNA. Finally, in religion we continued studying the Ten Commandments.

This coming week we will continue working with polygons specifically finding the area and perimeter of plane shapes. In social studies we will continue studying the 1920's and how they were shaped by World War I. In grammar we will continue to write our personal narratives and test on diagramming on Thursday 3/23. In science we will begin studying animal and plant life and the different parts of plants. In reading we will apply the reading strategies we have been learning to the story, "Riding the Bus With Joanna Cole." In religion we will study the 9th Commandment and have a quiz on Thursday 3/23.