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Week of 1/16/17

Good afternoon,

We have recently wrapped our unit on division and last week began learning about fractions. In Social Studies we introduced the Civil War. In spelling we have been working on using suffixes and in Grammar we learned about verb tenses. In reading we began the short story "Grass Sandals" while working on understanding the authors point of view and purpose. In science we worked on electricity using lightbulbs and 9 volt batteries to create a closed circuit. Finally, in religion we wrapped up our discussion of the first three Commandments.

This week we will continue to work on fractions and introduce generating equivalent fractions and finding the greates common factors of denominators. In social studies we will look more in depth at the causes of the Civil War. In grammar we will wrap our unit on verbs ending with a test on Thursday. In reading we will review the reading strategy of fact and opinion while reading "A Place Called Freedom". In religion we will be taking an in depth look at the fourth Commandment. In science we will continue to work on closed circuits and batteries.


Mr. Pace

Important notes- Grammar Test Verbs Thursday 1/19/17