Welcome to 3rd Grade


Multicultural Week- Another big thank you to all those who were able to come to school for our Peruvian lunch. It was a great success! The students had a lot of fun. Thanks again!


Science Test- The students took a science test last week. Overall the grades were not good so on Wednesday I had the students use their textbook to correct any wrong answers. I will be going back through the test and giving them a point for each corrected answer. 


Must Do Assignments- The students are starting to getting better at monitoring their time during reading groups. I have been sending home fewer and fewer notifications each week. Keep up the good work!


Field Trip to Cox Farm- We have been invited to go along with kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade on their field trip to Cox Farm's Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday October 27th. I notice was sent home on Friday for each child to bring in $20 to go aolong. Any parents intested in going with us will be taken on a first come first serve basis. Please send in $20 for you if you'd like to accompany your child on this field trip.


1st quarter- The first quarter end of Thursday October 29th. Report cards will be coming out about a week after the quarter ends. 


Must do and Math packets

Good morning,

I have been having a lot of discussions about must do assignments during reading and the math facts packet so I thought I would give everyone the information again. 

The math facts packet is given on the morning on the first day of the school week. It is to be done in math class only. The packet is designed to help the student become faster at their facts. The packet will be collected on Friday before Mass (around 8:45). Students are allowed to work on their packet any time that they are done with the current math task (problem of the day, book work, etc.). The packet will be there class participation grade for the week, which is 20% of their overall grade. If you want to give your child assignments at home to get them to become more fluent at their math facts please do but they are not allowed to complete this packet at home.  

The must do assignments are very similar but slightly different. The must do assignment consist of a page in the grammar and spelling workbooks, defining their vocabulary words onto a chart for Friday's test, and the Daily Language Practice (DLP) which is a worksheet that reviews basic language arts skills. The directions for the assignments are reviewed each day before they complete the assignments. If students complete all of their assignments for that day they are allowed to finish any incomplete assignments from this week. They are also given time on Friday morning. These assignments are helpfull because they review skills that students will see on the test on Friday. The must do assignments are checked while the class is in art (10:30). The assignments will be there class participation grade for the week, which is 20% of their overall grade. Again, these assignments are not allowed to be completed at home.  

Keep in mind that these assignments and the math facts packet also function as a time management tool which is a very valuable third grade skill as well as a review of skills. 

The math facts packet will be returned in the following week's Thursday folder with a star or the word incomplete written on it. If a student did not complete a must do assignment, a paper will be in their Thursday folder stating the assignment not completed.

I hope that this clears up any confusion. Have a great week!


Mid-quarter report

Good morning,


Just a reminder that mid-quarters will be going home for any student that has an I or U in any subject. Not every students will be getting a mid-quarter. If your child recieves one please sign and return it to school on Monday. If you would like to discuss the mid-quarter please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.