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3rd grade update- Week of May 30th

  • There are now two ways to contact me immediately using either the remind app or the Classdojo app. If you need more information to log in, please let me know.
  • We will have pizza lunch on Wednesday May 31th.
  • I am missing 4 mid-quarter reports. Please turn them in as soon as possible.
  • There will be a $2 TAG day. If your child wishes to attend the dance from 2-3 then your chilld will need to pay $5.
  • We will have pizza bingo lunch on Monday May 5th.
  • We will have chicken nugget lunch on Wednesday May 7th.
  • Elementary Academic Awards will take place on Thursday May 8th. If you have not turned in the RSVP paper that was sent home. Please send it in as soon as possible.

Math- We will be working on algebra Wthis week. There will be a test on Thursday June 1st. New TenMarks assignments were issued this weekend. They will be due on June 2nd. The new math journal/maintenance will be due on Thursday, June 1st.

Reading- The reading skill/ strategy is fantasy/reality. The grammar skill will be how to write books and poems in a sentence. The tests will be taken on Friday this week. The test will cover vocabulary, fantasy/reality, books and poems in a sentence, and the weekly spelling words.

Religion- We will be starting a new chapter this week. This chapter will discuss how the Holy Spirit helps us in our lives.

Science- We will be observing and recording data on catepillars in our classroom. We hope to be able to release the butterflies on the last day of school.

Social Studies- We are working on character education. We are working on fairness. The fairness project due on this Friday June 2nd.

As always thank you for your support!