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Hello parents,

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Ms. Whissel


Balance Fun!

This week I had a humbling moment as a teacher.  My incredible students were able to apply what they've learned about balancing objects with counterweights to investigate how they could balance a pencil on a popsicle stick.  I was having the hardest time doing it myself!  Within the first 10 minutes of trying, students were already figuring it out.  Enjoy these great pictures of the joy we had while learning!

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End of the 2nd quarter - We're halfway there!

Hello parents,

This week will mark the end of the 2nd quarter.  Can you believe we've made it halfway through the school year?  Students have been super hard at work, and it has really shown on their Scantron!  I was amazed and blown away at all of the growth they've shown.  This sure is a super star group!

In case you have not already, please be sure to check out my new website (click here).  I am continuing to add improvements so that you have access to all that we do in class, and are informed about the strategies we use to supplement our learning.  If you have any ideas that would help improve its usefulness, please do not hesitate to reach out!

As always, thank you for being great supporters to our class and your child's education.

Have a great week!

Ms. Whissel