Welcome to Grade 1


Getting to Know Each Other

Students are off to a great start in first grade! We are taking the time this week to get to know each other and build a positive class community. During these couple of days, students partook in activities such as sharing their "All About Me" Bags and using unifix cubes to compare the length of their name to their classmate's name. Students had a blast!



First Grade Mouseketeers, Welcome!



My name is Marcie Zuniga, and I will be your child's first grade teacher this year. We have an exciting year ahead that will be filled with lots to explore, experience, and learn. I hope to be a guide and mentor to your child this year as they embark on a journey filled with excitement, challenges, and many learning opportunities. I look forward to getting to know you and your child! 

Also, I have provided useful resources for math and reading that can be found on the navagation sidebar. Feel free to use these resources throughout the school year.

See you August 29th!                                                               






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