Welcome to Grade 1


What's Happening in First Grade?

This week we wrapped up our number sense unit. Students reviewed the concepts they have learned by participating in various math centers.

In science, students worked in pairs to create a code using different objects. Then they dropped the objects in order to communicate the code to their other classmates. 


Super Star Learning

This week students continued to work on writing good complete sentences. Students practiced this skill by creating sentence buddies.


We also began our science unit of sound. Students worked in pairs to become familiar with the sounds made by objects using drop chambers. They had so much fun figuring out what sound each object would make.


Mouseketeers at Work

First graders had another fantastic week! In preparation our Daily 5 literacy centers, students were introduced to some techniques that they would be using when they go to the Read to Self center.

This week students learned how to select a good-fit book. I taught them the following: 

Then students put it into practice. We went to the library and students used the I PICK strategy to pick good-fit books for them. Then the next day students learned 3 ways to read a book:  

Students practiced the 1st two ways to read a book:

They were all very excited!