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First Grade Classroom News

Hello Everyone!

This week first grade has been hard at work. Below are some of the highlights of our week.

 Math:  This week we have been reviewing 3-D shapes and identifying their attributes.

:  Students are working on their 2nd personal narrative about a special gift they have received. 

Social Studies:  Students are comparing and contrasting how life was in the past with how life's like now. They are amazed of how things has changed!

Reading: Students worked on  identifying and describing the setting of a story using evidence from pictures, text, and clue words.

Upcoming Events for this week!

Wednesday, December 14th:

3 Brothers Variety Lunch
Christmas Pageant @ 7:00p.m.

Thursday, December 15th:
Tag Day

Friday, December 16th:

Pajama Day
12:30 p.m. Early Dismissal