Welcome to Grade 1


Classroom News

This week we began our non-fiction study unit. Students learned about the characteristics of non-fiction and how it's different from fiction texts. Students worked in groups to sort books in either the fiction category or non-fiction category. They did an awesome job deciding where each text went based on the text characteristics. In math, students worked on completing fact families. Fact families helps reinforce basic addition and subtraction facts. To practice completing fact families sutdents played a game with a partner.








What's Fun in Grade One?

This was a busy, but fun week for first grade. Below are some highlights of our week:

We began our week by doing a special greeting called the "Spider Web" greeting. Students really enjoyed participating in this greeting.

Also, they had the opportunity to complete a buddy project with their 6th grade buddies in which they created a snowman  using marshmallows, pretzel sticks, carrots, and raisins.

In science, we are beginning our unit on animals. This past week students explored what makes something living and non-living. This following week students will learn about classifying animals into animal groups.


Classroom News

This week students had a special guest reader Ms. Keller, the 5th grade teacher. She came into our classroom to read Martin's Big Words. This book served as a springboard for students to think about their future goals and dreams, which is a writing piece they are currently working on.







  In math, students learned about equal shares. We began the week completing a class sort in which students had a shape that was divided into parts and they needed to decide whether or not the parts were divided into equal parts or unequal parts. Then for the rest of the week students continued to practice this concept along with subtraction by participating through various math centers.